Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vamps, Vixens, and the Dirtiest Show Imaginable

I was picking around the Studio 1831 website and found that we'll be playing alongside a Vaudeville Review called "Vamps & Vixens" during the Fringe Festival. The show looks very cool, and based on what one of my actors said about this being the dirtiest show he's ever been in, I think it makes a nice fit. Dare I say, it's probably even more OP than anything the American Shakespeare Center does. Back in the day, plays, especially comedies, would typically conclude with a dance number. Thus the Mechanicals in A Midsummer Night's Dream offer a bergomask, and The 40 Year Old Virgin ends with a big musical number. This isn't to say that our production of Merry Devil doesn't conclude with a hot musical number (oh yes it does), but we don't do so much of the dancing. Coincidental as it may be, it looks like Vamps and Vixens has our back on that. 

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