Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome to the Merry Fringe Project

Once upon a time, in 1590s London,
Some anonymous author(s) wrote a play
Called The Merry Devil of Edmonton.
It's a little Falstaff, and part Faustus;
A Cambridge Scholar and magician
Employs his sorcery in manner thus:
That two young lovers properly hook up.
The author(s) of this play a mystery
Remains for us yet to be uncovered,
But let's not with small detail be smothered.
Four centuries have passed, and the play is
Still one of the best of the period.
It was performed at the Globe on Bank-side,
Several times at the royal court,
And published six times in quarto form
Up through when Cromwell stopped all the playing.
Join me while I edit this great old work
To share the sixteenth century mirth at
The Philladelphia Fringe Festival.

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